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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Today, I am off - until Monday night. I started something (a blog) somewhere else late last year. Hopefully, this one will stick.

This may just help me be better organized with my thoughts, ideas, and goals. A tool to keep my mind - on track.

I'll keep my mundane, yet important lists here. What I have done regarding physical activity, meal ideas, investment ideas, events, music to find, listen to, and / or review. I can review entries here to better remember these days.

  • The yard needs to be mowed. It is almost late enough to go start that. No sense in getting sunburned or having heatstroke over the grass. It is shaggy, but should be handled later this evening. Anything new I should listen to on the headset while I mow?

  • I'll take Sophia to the bank shortly. Her and her mom are at the playground.

  • I have to figure out how to place links to DIRC and RYM here. Perhaps even tag e-mail with this blog space?

  • Sometime (probably before mowing) I need to get in time on the stationary bike.

  • I will probably go in tomorrow and get four hours covering for Larry.

  • Ok, this is it - for now. The first set of -
    What's on my mind today.


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