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Monday, July 10, 2006

Two of my favorite people to observe are together on television for the next three nights.

According to an article in USA Today - Three-part PBS series draws portrait of Warren Buffett

It's the Warren Buffett few people know.

Tonight, PBS' Charlie Rose begins a three-part series about the legendary financier that looks at all aspects of one of the world's wealthiest men.

Tonight: The Man. What is Warren Buffettt really like — and what are his interests beyond finance and philanthropy?

Tuesday: The Business. Buffett discusses his keys for successful investing — but does not make specific investment recommendations.

Wednesday: The Gift. A closer look at his friendship with Bill Gates, which led to the recent combining of much of their vast fortunes for charitable ends.

"This is Warren Buffett in his own words," says Rose, who interviewed Buffett on-and-off for this series since 2004. Rose also is working on a documentary about Buffett. "He's a friend," Rose says. "This is not an analysis of his investment record. It's his story."

"This is a man who has a passion for his work as deep as anyone I've ever seen," says Rose, in a phone interview. "He is a living testament to the fact that the happiest among us are those who shape their lives in a way that satisfies their own values and passions."

I have corrected the spelling error here. (I can't ever understand why and how often even large publications misspell Buffett in the same article. I suppose they have spell-check do it for them instead of editors?) I realize I get little traffic here, but this is on my mind (and scheduled to tape on the DVR).

And in other news, The Royals are performing much better since my last post, now needing to lose a couple dozen games in a row to get back on track to lose as many games as the 1962 Mets.

And testing is coming up in about three or four weeks. I'll close for now.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

How about this from the Royals?

Earlier today, from mlb.com -

...Called on to protect a 7-4 lead and notch his sixth save, Burgos displayed no control, walking the bases loaded before giving up a sacrifice fly to Jeff Conine and two-out RBI singles to Javy Lopez and Nick Markakis.

Jimmy Gobble relieved Burgos (1-1) and gave up a single to right by pinch-hitter Kevin Millar. Right-fielder Aaron Guiel's throw from right beat Javy Lopez to the plate, but Lopez tripped over the legs of catcher Paul Bako and slapped the plate before Bako could tag him...

and that's how you gift a series sweep to semi-struggling franchise.

How dreadful!

All I can ask is, why, and why bother?

Saturday, May 13, 2006

So, it has been a while.

You might even say, I haven't had much on my mind since last fall.

You might, but you'd be wrong.

About the last time I published here I was training a new hire on the weeknight overnight shift. Since then, in October I decided to start plowing ahead toward a new career path. So far, so good. More on that issue at a later time.

In February, we traded the van for a 2002 Toyota Prius. I haven't had a car payment for years. The payments for it are what is on my mind along with other things.

Friday, September 02, 2005

I participate in updates on MissouriGasPrices.com. I post there from time to time when I have something to say, pass on, or comment about.

Earlier today, another participant posted the following...

I think there should be a new law that says gas stations can not raise their prices more then five cents in a twenty four hour period. What are your thoughts?

I replied...

In a perfect world supply and demand would be at equilibrium and for every unfortunate circumstance to devastating consequence there would be equal preparation to offset every event.

Price fixing wouldn't solve anything, stations would just stop selling gas, or go out of business if such a law were passed. The problem is complex and a simple solution won't solve anything in the long run anyway.

Is is kind of like trying to outlaw inflation. Economics has it's own laws whether we mandate them or not.

Demand is high, supply is not as high... then prices rise - unless competition keeps prices down. This is temporary in most cases, since competitors have only a finite supply in most cases, and when the supply is gone from one competitor, supply and demand rule once again.

It is too bad, but in large part, we made the situation what it is by continuing to heavily depend on a resource that is finite and growing smaller every day.

I just thought that since it was a thought from today, I'd share it here as well.

Following up on yesterday's list, the yard still needs mowed. Oh, I tried to start the mower, but it seems to be dead, flooded, or something. It was set outside a weekend ago to make room for the garage sale and was soaked by rain. Since I am so mechanically inclined, it stayed off and yard continues to grow at a break-neck speed.

It rained from around 2AM until late morning, so it won't get mowed today even if the mower does start.

I took Sophia to the bank - drive-thru was all we could do. She was not happy, but she got over it after we picked up a chocolate bar with her money at Dollar General.

Attached the tag to my e-mail, place DIRC and RYM in my interests in the profile, but no links yet. That has to be possible. I'll keep looking.

No time on the stationary bike. Night shift is still beating the daylight out of me, to paraphrase a Clint Black song. We did take Sophie to a Parents As Teachers event at the elementary school late yesterday - Messy Madness, and yes it was messy, not so much madness though. This is only an excuse, I could get on the bike - I have the ability. I just have to do it.

I am presently here with Larry so he can do lunch and I can do the media run a bit later - probably at the end of this short shift. Melinda and Sophie came to town with me to do errands. At $2.99 per gallon, trips to town for errands will likely be all in one trips with work days with only rare exceptions that will get rarer as time passes and the price of gas climbs.

Today, after the shift ends - I'd like to see what the Gold Mine has - I just have to have a few more CDs (because I just know that I need more music - today the collection is up to 3,831 owned, and 4,474 RYM units overall), get some groceries, and probably go back home unless they are already going to the store while I am here at the office. I have been up since just before 3AM, and still feel pretty good now at 11AM.

I should call on telemetry to see if anyone is needing off this weekend, but I'd kind of like to stay around the house (away from the office anyway - I am open to other activities away from home) this weekend, but if the opportunity arises - I'd better get the hours. I better do it when I do the media run - a in person appearance is more effective than a phone call.

I will spend some quality time on the bike today - no question about it. There are pounds to lose and 90 days to get it done. This must become a priority - I am out of second chances. Besides, these Dockers shouldn't be such a struggle to wear. What to play while biking? Def Leppard, Bryan Adams, Olivia, ABBA, REO, Van Halen, Mellencamp? Probably time to make another tape just for biking...

Called Paul, left message... hopefully, I can get a shift every other week on telemetry, if not a bit more often. Sometime they will go live with the other floors, and the OT will flow again, unless they get ahead of things and hire more before go live. I can't imagine that, but we will see.

Bruce called the other day and wants to catch a show on 10/1. That will probably happen. I'd like to see Mark Hummel on 10/27 as well - could probably swing both. Also, we probably need to catch a Soultones show as well...

Well, this is all - for now, and that is -

What's on my mind today.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Today, I am off - until Monday night. I started something (a blog) somewhere else late last year. Hopefully, this one will stick.

This may just help me be better organized with my thoughts, ideas, and goals. A tool to keep my mind - on track.

I'll keep my mundane, yet important lists here. What I have done regarding physical activity, meal ideas, investment ideas, events, music to find, listen to, and / or review. I can review entries here to better remember these days.

  • The yard needs to be mowed. It is almost late enough to go start that. No sense in getting sunburned or having heatstroke over the grass. It is shaggy, but should be handled later this evening. Anything new I should listen to on the headset while I mow?

  • I'll take Sophia to the bank shortly. Her and her mom are at the playground.

  • I have to figure out how to place links to DIRC and RYM here. Perhaps even tag e-mail with this blog space?

  • Sometime (probably before mowing) I need to get in time on the stationary bike.

  • I will probably go in tomorrow and get four hours covering for Larry.

  • Ok, this is it - for now. The first set of -
    What's on my mind today.