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Monday, July 10, 2006

Two of my favorite people to observe are together on television for the next three nights.

According to an article in USA Today - Three-part PBS series draws portrait of Warren Buffett

It's the Warren Buffett few people know.

Tonight, PBS' Charlie Rose begins a three-part series about the legendary financier that looks at all aspects of one of the world's wealthiest men.

Tonight: The Man. What is Warren Buffettt really like — and what are his interests beyond finance and philanthropy?

Tuesday: The Business. Buffett discusses his keys for successful investing — but does not make specific investment recommendations.

Wednesday: The Gift. A closer look at his friendship with Bill Gates, which led to the recent combining of much of their vast fortunes for charitable ends.

"This is Warren Buffett in his own words," says Rose, who interviewed Buffett on-and-off for this series since 2004. Rose also is working on a documentary about Buffett. "He's a friend," Rose says. "This is not an analysis of his investment record. It's his story."

"This is a man who has a passion for his work as deep as anyone I've ever seen," says Rose, in a phone interview. "He is a living testament to the fact that the happiest among us are those who shape their lives in a way that satisfies their own values and passions."

I have corrected the spelling error here. (I can't ever understand why and how often even large publications misspell Buffett in the same article. I suppose they have spell-check do it for them instead of editors?) I realize I get little traffic here, but this is on my mind (and scheduled to tape on the DVR).

And in other news, The Royals are performing much better since my last post, now needing to lose a couple dozen games in a row to get back on track to lose as many games as the 1962 Mets.

And testing is coming up in about three or four weeks. I'll close for now.


Blogger Melinda R. Cordell said...

Well, I know what we're going to be watching tonight!

But it's cool. I like Buffett a lot because he doesn't go around putting on airs or acting better than the rest of us just because he's worth millions. And also he's a good writer, and that's tops in my book!

3:05 PM, July 10, 2006  
Blogger Melinda R. Cordell said...

Hey, you! So what is on your mind these days? Beyond the usual. :p

4:15 PM, July 02, 2008  

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